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“Winning Warm-ups for the Voice is what I use every night to prepare for my performances. It gives me the vocal strength I need.” 

Bob Martin, Writer of “The Drowsy Chaperone” and “Man in Chair”

2006 Tony Award Winner 


” I have examined the warm-up program of Kathleen Van De Graaff and am pleased to endorse it. It should be particularly helpful to young voices, while at the same time a very useful tool for more experienced singers.”  

William Warfield, internationally renowned singer and teacher  


 “Proper warm-up is so essential for good vocal health and singing at one’s best. Winning Warm-ups for the voice’ is an excellent resource for professional and amateur singers to vocalize in an organized way with or without a keyboard.”  


Stephen Alltop, Music Director of The Apollo Chorus of Chicago and Director of Music, Alice Millar Chapel, Northwestern University 

“What a great idea! One cannot always have a piano at one’s disposal. This recording will be an invaluable tool for singers at all levels.”


Thomas Wikman, Founder of Music of the Baroque, Chicago, IL

Winning Warm-ups for the Voice is an excellent resource for beginning to advanced voice students. For those who are unable to get to a piano every day or who do not have piano skills, a daily warm-up is provided! The warm-ups span comfortable, but complete ranges and are ordered for a slow, healthful warm-up – especially good for those singers who do not know how to “properly” exercise the voice. My students enjoy the large amount of warm-ups to choose from on one CD! They are able to tailor their warm-up by choosing one of four programs (each around 20 minutes in length) that will prepare their voice for that day’s practice. I highly recommend this CD for every voice teacher to provide to every voice student! 


Jerry Myers

Associate Director of Choral Activities

Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA


It’s because of More Winning Warm-ups for the Voice that my student, Elizabeth Alvers won first prize in the St. Louis NATS competition. Thanks. 

Dr. Stephanie Owens


I just wanted to say a great thank you for More Winning Warm Ups. I don’t know how I ever survived without it! Often it is the most relaxed 15 minutes of my day. I enjoy the time focused solely on technique and the sensation of healthy singing. I no longer rush through my warm-up, and find that this helps me to sing with ease for a much longer period of time without getting tired! I recommend it to all my singer friends and hope that they can benefit from it as I have. 


Robyn Driedger-Klassen 

Richmond, BC, Canada


I have reviewed the Winning Warm-ups CD and have decided that this would be very helpful for my students. The exercises fit very well with my own teaching approach and I think having the CD will insure that they get a thorough warm-up. 

Ellen Ritchey 

Music Department 

Gainesville College, Gainesvile, GA


I think that Winning warm-ups for the Voice is well-designed and well-produced. I am happy to endorse it.

Arden Hopkins 

Vocal Division Coordinator 

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah


In the past I have listened to vocal workout cassettes from well-known vocal coaches. Winning Warm-ups is the one I recommend to my students in that these cassettes contain many exercises and very little talking (just enough for each exercise.) My students have noticed a difference in their singing after going through these exercises. Many thanks. 

Jose Reyna—Vocal Instructor

Hispanic Bapt. Theological Seminary, Houston, Texas 


Winning Warm-ups are excellent Mrs. A Long, Victoria, BC 

We are really enjoying Winning Warm-ups for the voic e and more importantly, we are seeing results. 

Cantor Steve Chiat, Toronto, Canada 


I’ve been using the first CD everyday. It’s great!

Roger Pierce –Redlands,CA


I have all your CD’s and I really like them. I am a private vocal teacher in Texas and have 70 private students and use them with all of them. Thank you for making such a comprehensive CD for all levels of voices. 

Kaye Wright , Plano, TX


“This is a fabulous set of warm-ups. It has really done a lot for my voice. 

Al Svoboda, Chicago, IL


Winning Warm-ups for the Voice is a wonderful tool for singers of all levels!! The programs offer basic and advanced vocal exercises that can be used anywhere. They challenge singers to sing both legato and staccato. They help build stamina and work all aspects of vocal technique. This CD is a must and complements any existing vocal program with variety and ease. With Winning Warm-ups vocal exercises are fun, refreshing, and always on hand. 

Christine Paez, Graduate Music Student in vocal performance, MN


With the Winning-ups for the Voice CD, there is a consistency to my daily practice. It’s easier to concentrate on technique when the exercises are provided. 

Music Student, MN State University, Markato, MN


It’s a great product!

George McTyre,Drake University, Des, Moines, IA


The students last semester improved a great deal due to the ease of their warm up session (which didn’t get short changed!) Thanks, Kathleen, for a wonderful program! 

Robyn Newton 

University in Walla Walla, WA 


I love your CDs. I think they filled a big hole that was there. Most voice students don’t play the piano, and it’s very difficult to warm up when you’re banging on the piano, anyway. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas. 

Leslie Denning