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So Why The Name Domenico?

The company was named after Domenico Scarlatti, a composer from the Baroque period. We LOVE Baroque music—it’s fun, the rhythms are interesting and the harmony rich. So why not?

Having dual interests, professional singer and voice teacher, Kathleen van de Graaff created Domenico Products, Inc. in 1999 with the goal of helping singers become better singers and performers. After teaching many years, she noticed that singers were struggling with their daily warm-ups and weren’t warming up correctly. This is when the Winning Warm-ups series was born.

Not only did my own students benefit, but thousands of other singers have been very happy with their own progress. As a result of the success of “Winning Warm-ups,” a second CD was requested by both students and teachers, so More Winning Warm-ups for the Voice was created. A Systematic Approach to the Voice was then added to our line of vocal projects to give a teachers and students a large variety of exercises that work on every aspect of technique.